Version 2.4 final 10/2006

  • Fractalyse works on Linux with wine !
  • Add MultiFractal analysis using correlation and boxcounting method (in testing)
  • Merge Boxcounting and Grid analysis in Box analysis
  • Estimation graph can be export in EPS
  • Circular correlation (in testing)
  • Network analysis : view the estimation selection on the network
  • Ask user if image represents a curve
  • While saving image, color lines are not saved
  • Remove duplicate epsilon in Box analysis
  • Selection after radius mass analysis can be kept
  • Default estimation for Box and Dilation analysis is logarithmic
  • Image opening : pixels wich are not black are set to white
  • Correct bug while saving estimation of Network analysis
  • Bug impossible to save in estimation module in stand alone
  • Correct memory allocation for Cluster analysis
  • Correct type of curve while exporting results of Cluster analysis
  • And other....
  • Compilation with the Free C Borland Compiler

Version 2.3.2 10/2005

  • English translation
  • Mouse enhancements : move and zoom image with mouse
  • Adding Max. size parameter for Box Counting analysis